“Are you going to Palestine? It must be dangerous!”

Many friends must say to you so. But once you come in there, you will find there is a human life like in your country.

What is “human life”? Yes, except the checkpoints and the wall.

Bethlehem main street on a fine day
The Main street in Bethlehem: If you don’t see the wall nor the checkpoints, it looks a normal town.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country may announce a Travel warning for Palestine.

But once you see real Palestine, you might think the announces are made from the point of view of the anti-Palestine…

The Palestinians understand the people in the world believe “Palestine is really dangerous” because of mass media.

They see Israel calmly enough and also understand that the occupation is just ridiculous.

Despite occupation, they always welcome travelers with a big smile. It’s a great experience to meet wonderful people in Palestine!

General information of Palestine

National flag

The flag is designed with 3 Pan-Arab colors.

BLACKMuhammad, the prophet and founder of Islam
WHITEUmayyad Caliphate (661-750 the hereditary accession), image of the Battle of Badr (624)
GREENsupporting the Rashidun Caliphs Ali at Fatimid Caliphate (909-1171)
REDKhawarij, a denomination of Ali’s


2.7 million (West Bank), 1.8 million (Gaza strip)
* About 586,000 Israeli settlers live in West Bank and East Jerusalem.


5,860 sq km (West Bank), 360 sq km (Gaza strip)


Muslim 80-85%, Jewish 12-14%, Christian 1-2.5% (West Bank), Muslim 98 ? 99%, Christian <1.0% (Gaza strip)


Arabic, Hebrew (spoken by Israeli settlers), English well understood

National anthem

Fida’i (from 1996)


NIS New Israel Shekel

AC power plugs and sockets

Type C “Europlug” the same one commonly used in Europe.


No need for general restaurants, hotels or taxies.


Tap water is drinkable (hard water). 1L Mineral water bottle is about 2 NIS.

reference: CIA World Factbook, August 2017.