Currency & ATM

The currency in Palestine is New Israel Shekel (NIS or ILS).

currency of Palestine and Israel
As you can imagine, it’s the currency of Israel. 10 NIS coin is two-tone.

It’s the same currency as Israel, as they are forced to use it.

Where / How to exchange

It’s easy to exchange from USD or EUR to NIS(ILS).

If your country uses any other currency, it’s better to prepare USD or EUR before coming to Palestine.

Exchange point at Allenby bridge
Exchange just for transportation at the airport or border, as the exchange rate is worse there.

In Bethlehem or Ramallah, there are banks or exchange counters. Locals who come and go between Jordan and Palestine exchange at small counters in the town.

In general, the exchange rate is not very good at airports and borders.

In my case, I always exchange about 100 USD at the airport or Allenby (King Hussein Bridge) border, then often used ATMs in the town.

ATM is practical

You don’t have to be worried about ATMs in Palestine. It’s everywhere.

The most famous banks are; the Bank of Palestine and the Arab Bank. Arab Bank is Jordanian. ATM can show an English menu.

ATM of Bank of Palestine
This is a Bank of Palestine ATM.

Both accept Visa International and MasterCard®.

Arab Bank ATM accepts American Express® as well, according to their website.

ATM of Arab Bank
This is an Arab Bank ATM.

I always bring a Visa, and no problem has happened so far.🙂

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