Pop music

Like other Arabs, Palestinians adore Arab pops. In supermarkets, hair salons, restaurants, there are TV monitors showing Arab pops shows.

Popular musicians are from Lebanon, Egypt or Turkey. Recently, Palestinian singers become very popular too because of a big TV show, Arab Idle.

Visit CD shops in souq (marketplace), and ask a shop assistant which is good for beginners. There sell compilation albums of popular songs.

If you could sing a Arab pops, Palestinians get so excited!

Palestinian singers

Mohammed Assaf

Mohammed Assaf won the Arab idol in 2013.

His story is filmed in 2015 by Hany Abu-Assad who’ve received two nominations of Oscar.

Yacoub Shaheen

Yacoub is also a winner of Arab Idol in 2017. He is from Bethlehem.

As you can see, he’s handsome.

He sings recently at concerts. Hopefully, he will release his CD soon!

Lebanese Singers

Najwa Karam

One of the greatest singers in Arabic Music. She has been a judge on “Arabs’ Got Talent”.

Her songs sound everywhere on TV shows, restaurant, supermarkets etc… One of the MUST to know.

Wael Kfoury

He is known as “The king of romance”.

He has been releasing a lot of love ballads within more than 15 albums.

Assi Al Hillani

He sings hard songs so easily…

He has a wide variety of songs. Find out your favorite!

Joe Ashkar

So, he is author’s favorite.

This dance number is just fun to listen, also easy to sing “meily meily” even for those who can’t speak Arabic.

Egyptian Singers

Amr Diab

One of the famous Egyptian singers.

For the first step of Arabic pops, his songs might be easy to listen.