Post offices

In Palestine (West Bank), there are post offices in the center of the cities.

Also, there are some drop-off points for international courier services, such as DHL or Express Mail Service (EMS).

stamp and postcards of Palestine
Everyone gets so pleased when they receive a postcard from Palestine.

*Although the post offices pick up EMS in some western countries, those in Palestine don’t. To send EMS parcels from Palestine, you have to bring them to an appropriate drop-off point.

However, it takes much time to be delivered because they must wait to be collected by Israel Post.

For example, it takes postcards a month to arrive from Palestine. Or, it sometimes takes EMS parcel a week to be tracked on the Israel Post website.

Airmails are delivered faster from a post office than from a post.

If urgent, it’s better to post the things from Israel. But airmail from Palestine is something super special. Your family or friends must be pleased, for sure!

Palestine Post - post offices in Palestine

Palestine Post in Bethlehem, West Bank
Post office in Bethlehem. The underground floor of the building in front of the Nativity Church.

Sat-Thu 8:30-14:00

In general, they are located in the center of the city. They sell postcards too.

The stamps for overseas cost about 2-3 NIS. But sometimes it depends on the person in charge because some don’t know about airmail.

Send EMS from Palestine (West Bank)

Arab Cleaning Agency has offices for DHL and EMS.

  • Sun-Sat 8:00-16:00 (Bethlehem office)
  • Bethlehem Office: Go up to Manger St. from the center (direction to Jerusalem), pass Bethlehem Hotel and then on your right after passing the crossroads.

As mentioned above, it takes much time because the parcels must wait to be collected by Israel Post. If it’s urgent, go straight to Israel.

Sending airmails/EMS from Israel Post

There are, of course, post offices in Israel.

  • Sun-Thu 8:00-18:00 (main office) / Fri & days before holiday, 8:00-14:00

Of course, there are post offices in Israel.

Israel Post next to Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem
Israel Post next to Herod’s Gate. Always crowded

If you come to Jerusalem From Palestine (West Bank), the nearest one is the one next to Herod’s Gate of the old city. They accept EMS parcels as well as airmail.

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