Check if you need Israel visitor visa or not

To visit Palestine, you have to meet the visa requirements of Israel.

US passport

However, Israel has visa exemption for the citizens of many countries (in blue below) up to 90 days.

Passport map of visa-free access to Israle
Last checked on 2017/9/4 with Tourist visa exemption – Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For the latest information, please visit the website of Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Check also if you need Jordan visa

Even though you are the citizen of Jordan visa exemption, Jordan requires entry visa at Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge because it’s not an official border.

The author, a Japanese national, got a single entry visa at the Embassy of Jordan in Rome. (Normally Japanese don’t need a visa.)

visitor visa for Jordan
Visitor visa for Jordan

It cost about 25 EUR in 2010.

There are also the Embassies of Jordan in Ramallah, West Bank and in Tel Aviv, Israel. You may be able to get Jordan visa there even after coming to Palestine.

Jordanian Representative Office in Ramallah, Palestine

  • Ein Mujid. Abraj Building, 7th floor, Ramallah
  • +970 2 297 4625 / 6

Jordanian Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • 12 Aba Hillel Silver Street, Tel Aviv
  • +972 3 751 7722