Alternative tours

There are some alternative tours departing from Jerusalem. Most of them are operated in English.

Through those activities, you can study Palestinian life under the Israeli occupation from the view of the residents.

We recommend those tours because we can understand what is happening in Palestine, besides the holy places and ruins.

Destinations and prices vary. Check operators’ websites before coming.

For example, a half-day trip costs up to 200 NIS, full-day trip about 400 NIS.

Alternative Tourisme Group

Alternative Tourism Group is a tour operator based in Beit Sahour, next to Bethlehem. They publish tourism books about Palestine.

ATG website

They operate basic day trips from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, Hebron, and homestay or olive picking.

Green Olive Tours

Green Olive Tours operates many unique activities, such as visiting the Bedouins or Jewish settlements besides basic city day trips.

Because they work with both the Palestinians and the Israelis, you can study life from both sides.

Green Olive Tours website
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They also operate multi-day tours to Jordan.

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