Kanafah is a traditional Palestinian sweet made with shredded wheat and cheese soaked in sugar syrup.

So, Nablus is the place of origin of Knafeh.

Nablus knafeh
Being awarded a Guinness record, Nablus knafeh is a traditional boasted pastry.

It is said that knafeh was born in Nablus around the 15th century. Now we can enjoy this pastry all over Arab countries.

Of course, all the Palestinians adore it.

What is knafeh?

Knafeh looks like a moist sponge cake with white cheese inside.

The dough is like pasta made with semolina.

The semolina pasta is sifted and made into powder, then kneaded with butter into a wet dough.

Then, the dough is spread on a big baking tray with goat cheese on it. After being baked, it’s turned upside down, and added syrup on the baked side. Cracked pistachio is added on top for finishing.

Because it’s always freshly baked, it’s hot with stretchy cheese!

In July 2009, the world’s biggest knafeh (74m x 1.05m, 1,765kg) was made by a collaboration of 170 knafeh shops; it was awarded a Guinness record.

That is to say, knafeh is soul food for Nablus people.

But be careful, knafeh is extremely sweet. If you don’t adore sweets, it’s better to ask your companion(s) for a mouthful. Even a piece is still big enough.

It costs about 4-5 NIS.

Nablus knafeh shop
Because people come one after another, you can get always fresh ones from the oven.

There are many patisseries just next area of the Old City.

We introduce some local’s recommendations here.

Those patisseries offer not only knafeh but also many other several sweets. You can buy them to-go.

Nablus Dimshq sweets shop
Dimashq sweets shop in Nablus downtown.

Heluwiat Arafat حلويات عرفات

  • Rafidia st.
  • +970 9 237 0915

This is the first choice for the locals. Close to Hospitals.

Heluwiat Abu Salha حلويات أبو صالحة

  • Ervadi, Shkhem
  • +970 9 234 1561

South-west of Arafat sweets shop, this is also highly reputed.

Heluwait Dimashq (Damascus) حلويات دمشق

  • Soufian St, Nablus
  • +970-9-238-5284
  • facebook

Heluwait Dimashq is located in the heart of Nablus and close to the bus terminal. Always crowded with people, but local people say it is worth waiting. South-west of Arafat sweets shop, this is also highly reputed.

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