Stars & Bucks Cafe

It’s Stars and Bucks. Not Starbucks. Yes, it looks like that one, though.

Center of Ramalla
Stars & Bucks Cafe is at Manara Square, east side of the city center. The lion statue is the mark.

Because it faces Ramallah’s famous Manara Square, it’s good for a meeting point.

The interior is very modern. You might remember your local favorite Starbucks.

There are also branches in Bethlehem and Nablus.

Stars & Bucks Cafe menu

The menu varies from hot and iced coffee to fresh juice.

Their drink choices are plenty.

Hot or ice, latte, frappuccino, tea, freshly squeezed juice, and whatever.

Drink sizes are like those in the US or maybe a bit smaller.

You can add other flavors, such as chocolate or banana, as you like.

But Stars & Bucks Cafe is not only for having a break with some drink. They also serve good food menus; sandwiches, kebabs, etc. And even you can try Arabic hookah (argileh)!

Free wi-fi and to-go are also available.


Stars & Bucks Cafe

  • Ramallah, Downtown
  • 24/24
  • +970 595 666 533
  • drinks 10 NIS, food 20-40 NIS

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