Stars & Bucks Cafe

It’s Stars and Bucks. Not Starbucks. Yes, it looks like that one, though.

Center of Ramalla
Stars & Bucks Cafe is at Manara Square, east side of the city center. The lion statue is the mark.

Because it faces to Ramallah’s famous Manara Square, it’s good for a meeting point, too.

The interior is very modern. You might remember of your local favorite Starbucks…

صباحكم #محبة❤

STARS & BUCKS CAFEさんの投稿 2017年3月27日月曜日

There are also branches in Bethlehem or Nablus.

Stars & Bucks Cafe menu

Their drink choices are plenty.

Hot or ice, latte, frappuccino, tea, freshly squeezed juice and whatever.

Drink sizes are like those in the US or maybe a bit smaller.

You can add other flavors such as chocolate or banana as you like.

But Stars & Bucks Cafe is not only for having a break with some drink. They serve also good food menus; sandwiches, kebabs etc… And even you can try Arabic hookah (argileh)!

صباااح الخيراات❤❤

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Free wi-fi, To Go is also available.


Stars & Bucks Cafe

  • Ramallah, Downtown
  • +970 595 666 533
  • 24/24
  • drinks 10 NIS, food 20-40 NIS