Ziryab Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Ziryab Restaurant & Coffee Shop
The entrance of Ziryab Restaurant

Ziryab Restaurant & Coffee Shop is a stylish Arab restaurant, located on the main street (Rukab street), next to Baradina Ice Cream shop.

*10 minutes walk from Manara Square

You can just enjoy their coffee, deserts, or hookahs too.

Its name Ziryab was named after a man of Umayyad period; Ziryab, a singer, composer or poet, is considered as the most powerful figures in three-course cuisine.

The inside of the restaurant is very stylish but cozy like your home.

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Sometimes some live event is taken place, check their Facebook posts.

Ziryab Restaurant & Coffee Shop menu

Their specialties are the real Arabic cuisine with meat and fishes.

You’ll never be disappointed; kebab, shish taouk (chicken kebab), Arabic stew, or fattoush (salad with fried khubz (Arabic bread)) are just fantastic.

They offer of course Cremisan wine and Taybeh beer made in Palestine.

After the dishes, that would be a good experience to try a watermelon-flavored hookah (argileh).

Some Palestine-made products are displayed at the entrance of the restaurant; you are able to buy if you want.


Ziryab Restaurant & Coffee Shop

  • Main St.
  • +970 2 295 9093
  • 7/7, 11:00-midnight (LO 23:00)
  • main dishes 40~100 NIS