Afteem - falafel restaurant

Afteem is a falafel restaurant located just around the corner from Manger Square in Bethlehem.

Falafel restaurant Afteem, Bethlehem
Falafel to Go is also available at the entrance. Of course, hot and fresh!!

I, the author, who adore falafel, am trying to find better falafel than Afteem in many restaurants but have never come across any falafel more delicious.

Falafel restaurant Afteem table, Bethlehem
Palestinian falafel is made with mashed chickpeas and special spices. With hummus and bread, you could wish for anything more!

Even the local people say: “Afteem makes the best falafel in Palestine“.

About Afteem

Afteem is the first falafel restaurant in Bethlehem, founded in 1948 by the Salamehs who came from Yaffa as refugees.

The restaurant was named after the son of the founder, Saliba.

The restaurant staffs are friendly, and the inside is always kept clean. It is said that many VIPs stop at this restaurant when they visit Palestine.

Falafel restaurant Afteem kitchen, Bethlehem
Their kitchen is always busy. Even fruit juices are freshly made for each order.

It is always full of locals, especially after Islam’s Friday worship or Christmas parades. Come earlier on Friday or when some event is taking place at Manger Square.

Of course, other plates, such as hummus or fool mdammas, are delicious, too. Homemade fresh lemonade is also a must-try!


Afteem Restaurant

  • Manger Sq.
  • Mon-Sat 8:00-23:30
  • +970-2-274-7949

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