Ramallah Museum

Ramallah museum is located at the entrance of the old city.

The building used to belong to the Al-Zero. The first floor was completed in 1820, and the upper floor was added in 1910.

Ramallah Museum
Ramallah Museum is located at the end of the main street, which is the entrance to the old city.

Ramallah’s authority tended to scrap it because The Al-Zero family moved to the US. However, the ministry of tourism stopped it as it was beautiful, renovated, and opened it as a museum in 1998.

The building was hugely damaged at the second intifada in 2000 and reopened in 2008.

Ruins in Palestine

Palestine has a history of thousands of years.

Though there are possibilities many historical ruins remain under the ground, illegal settlements by Israel cause destruction or lootings.

This museum collaborates with universities in Palestine and tries to excavate Palestinian remains while training the students.

In the museum, we can see over 500 important items excavated around Ramallah.

Artifacts displayed in Ramallah Museum
Exhibition varies from big pots to ancient accessories.

Some kitchen items or work clothes in modern times are also displayed, which is interesting.

Displays in Ramallah Museum
Because the building was a house until the modern era, we can imagine a family life.

When I, the author, visited this museum, the door was closed. After some interphone calls, I could enter.

Because there were no explanations in English, ask the museum staff what these items are if you are more interested in them.

Items displayed in Ramallah Museum
Is this a cloth from the modern era? It brings imagination about life at that time.


Ramallah Museum

  • Al-Harajeh St.
  • Sun-Thu 8:00-15:00
  • Admission free
  • 02-295-9561

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