Hisham’s Palace

Hisham’s Palace is an archaeological site of Umayyad (the 8th century).

It is even called the Palace of Versailles in the Middle East by the archaeologists.

This palace is built by Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik, the 10th Umayyad caliph, as his winter residence.

We can imagine the winter resort has been existing since long time ago.

Jericho an object at Hisham's Palace
This object is said to be an archetype of the rose window in European churches. MichaelDarter

Despite its completion, the palace was destroyed by an earthquake in 747.

The mosaic has been left as it was, we can see the beautiful colors even nowadays.

It is said that there was a mosque, a fountain and also a bathhouse besides the residence in the area.

The residence was thought to be a gorgeous architect with a portico and two stories.

For the bathing place, the ground hot water system was laid by the latest technology at that time.

A must : the mosaic

One of the beautiful objects in Hisham’s Palace is the mosaic at a bathing room.

Jericho mosaic at Hisham's Palace
Although this mosaic dates back to 1300 years ago, it still remains vivid colors. random exposure

Made with tiny stones, this mosaic shows a scene that a lion eats deer under a big tree.

This motif is often used in Hebron ceramics.


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