How to get to Jerusalem

From Ben Gurion Airport

1 hour by sherut (shared taxi) : 62 NIS (’12)

sherut at Ben Gurion Airport
Sherut stop is just in front of the entrance of the 1st floor (arrival lobby).

Sheruts depart from in front of the entrance of the 1st floor (ground floor).

From Bethlehem

45 mins – 1 hour by no.21 bus from Hebron Rd. 7.3 NIS (’12) *crossing a checkpoint

Hebron road in Bethlehem
Hebron road in front of EFFETA

The bus stop is in front of EFFETA, a Christian school. It’s 20 mins walk from Manger square (where the Church of the Nativity is located). Though there is no timetable, the bus comes anyway.

However, the buses from Hebron Rd. take time because they make a detour to Beit Jala etc., and also the passengers are forced to get off at the checkpoint before getting into Jerusalem.

Hebron road in Bethlehem
Passport control at a checkpoint (between Bethlehem and Jerusalem)

If you can go to the checkpoint between Bethlehem and Jerusalem by yourselves, it can be faster to take a bus from there (after passing checkpoint).

Buses at checkpoint entrance to Bethlehem
The buses are waiting in front of the exit of the checkpoint.

20 mins by bus no.21 from the checkpoint: 5.2 NIS (’12)

15 mins by private taxi from the checkpoint: about 40 NIS (’12)

Take care of taking legal taxis (yellow ones). White cars are illegal!

From Ramallah

1 hour by bus no.18 from central bus station: 6.2 NIS (’08)

Central bus station in Ramallah
The building on the left is the central bus station in Ramallah. Buses are upper floors.