Ramallah is a city located approximately 15km north of Jerusalem. Its population is over 357,000 including surrounding area (2016), according to Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS).

Ramallah means “Allah’s mountain” (ram = “height”). As its name suggests, the city is located on a small hill of 880m above sea level.

Ramallah city center
Ramallah is the center of popular culture.

Since 1955 when the State of Palestine put its government in Ramallah, Ramallah has been playing a role as the political capital. Many countries have founded their embassies here.

Also, Ramallah is the center of popular culture because there are many young people who live for Bir Zeit University in its suburb.

There is also, the tomb of Yasser Arafat, the first President of the State of Palestine.

the tomb of Yaaser Arafat in Ramalla
The tomb of Yasser Arafat, we can visit it. Tristam Sparks, restlesseye.com

Though he wished to be buried in his origin Jerusalem, his body is in Ramallah because of the control by Israel.

History of Ramallah

16th century

Christian tribes immigrated from Jordan.

until the 18th century

Ramallah grew as an agricultural Arab-Christian village.

early 20th century

Ramallah became a capital city of the region, which encouraged its development of the city.


The UK occupied Ramallah. Until 1948, the withdrawal of British Army and the foundation of Israel, Ramallah had played the role of the economic center.


Israeli Independence. West Bank was then put under the control of Jordan.

From the Nakba Day, a bunch of refugees rushed for Ramallah, which caused the irruption of its population.

1967 until now

After the Six-Day War in 1967, Ramallah fell under the control of Israel with other Palestinian cities.

In 1980, Karim Khalaf, the mayor of Ramallah, got heavily injured in the car bombs by Israeli terrorist group in retaliation.

After going through the hardest times, Israeli troop withdrew from the city center in 1995 according to the Oslo Accords. Then, Palestinian Authority was established in Ramallah.