How to cross the border (Allenby/King Hussein Bridge)

You might have to cross the border to enter Palestine.

All the borders are controlled by Israel, which makes crossing a border to Palestine more complicated.

This article is an actual report from 2011 and 2013. Please check the latest information by yourselves.

  1. Enter Israel through Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge
  2. Leave Israel through Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge

Enter Israel through Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge

1. Go to the Departure building (Jordan)

Go to the Departure building.

the immigration office of Jordan at King Hussein Bridge

2. Departure procedures

Show your passport at booth no.1, and fill out the Exit Form with your name, nationality, and passport number. That form will be collected.

Inside the immigration office of Jordan at King Hussein Bridge

At booth no.3, pay 3 JD (2011) as a departure tax, then receive a paper (receipt).

Receipt of departure tax from Jordan

Pass the receipt to booth no.2. They let you wait for a bus.

3. Wait for a bus

You never know when the bus reaches. But all you can do is wait.

4. Get on a bus

Finally, the bus arrives. Get on it.

Your passport, Exit Form with a stamp, and receipt are returned. Pay 3 JD for the bus and 1.25 JD for the baggage (2011).

Bus ticket for crossing King Hussein border from Jordan

5. On the bus

On the way, the bus stops at a checkpoint. The Exit Form is collected.

6. Pass Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge

King Hussein Bridge
In my case, they force the passengers to wait on the bus without notice. Of course, without a bathroom.

7. Arrive at Israel’s immigration office

The baggage is collected automatically for the examination.

Pass an easy passport check at the entrance. Some people were asked only their names, but others were interrogated even about the purpose of the entry.

Israel immigration office at Allenby Bridge
Arriving at the immigration office after passing through Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge.

8. Security check

Walk through metal detector gates.

9. Passport control

Immigration procedure. Ask for “no stamp”.

Questions are the same as those in the airport; why no stamp, is it your first time in Israel, how many days you’ll stay, where to stay, do you have any friends here, etc.

Fill in your name or passport number on the Entry Form. They stamp on it (if they accept no stamp onto your passport).

Entry form for Israel

10. Receive a gate pass, and final passport check

The gate pass is collected at the gate (the Entry Form isn’t).

11. Pick up the baggage

Pick up the baggage, then pass the security check for it.

At the bus ticket office, pay 13 NIS for the bus, and 3 NIS for the baggage (2011). Then ride the bus to the Palestinian border.

Israel immigration office at Allenby Bridge

12. Arrive at the Palestinian border

At the Palestinian border, your passport will be collected. Wait for the passport check on the bus.

After the check, they return the passport. Then the bus leaves the border to the bus terminal (photo below).

Bus terminal in Jericho after crossing Allemby Bridge border
The bus terminal in Jericho. You can leave for other cities from here.

Leave Israel through Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge

1. Departure terminal

When the bus arrives, it’s already the departure terminal from Palestine.

Your baggage is automatically collected. You’ll get a number card for it.

Palestine’s departure office at Jericho

2. Buy a bus ticket

Buy a bus ticket to go to Israel’s immigration office. Bus: 10 NIS, baggage 4 NIS (2011).

Bus ticket for departing from Palestine
The bottom one is the baggage card.

Then, wait until your baggage number is called.

3. Departure procedures

Come to the booth when your number is called.

Exit booth from Palestine at Allemby Bridge

They give you an Exit Form with your name on it.

4. Get on a bus

After getting the Exit Form, you are forced to get on a bus.

The bus ticket and the Exit Form (photo below) are collected.

Departure card from Palestine
Departure card from Palestine

Afterward, the bus enters Israeli territory.

5. Security check

On the way, the passenger must pass the security check.

Security check on the way to Israel’s immigration office

6. Arrive at Israel’s immigration office

Foreign passengers have to go to the immigration office for foreigners (locals go to another one).

Israel immigration office

7. Pay for service fee

Before waiting in line, pay 178 NIS (2013) for a service fee, then get a receipt. This receipt will be collected just after passport control.

Currency exchange office at the Israeli border to Jordan
Small counter for paying a service fee and currency exchange.

Also, it’s recommended to get some Jordan Dinar (JD) here because you have to pay for a bus between this building and Jordan’s immigration office.

8. Passport control

Questions are not much. Ask no stamp if you need it.

9. Give the receipt to an office staff

After passing the passport control, give the receipt of the service charge (photo below) to the office staff.

Receipt of service charge of Israel immigration office at Allenby Bridge

10. Get on a bus

Pick up your baggage, then ride on a bus to Jordan’s immigration office.

Bus for Jordan’s immigration office at King Hussein Bridge

The bus crosses the Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge.

11. Fill out the Entry Card

On the bus, you’ll get an Entry Card into Jordan. Fill in your passport no., nationality and name.

Entry card for Jordan

This Entry Card is immediately collected with your passport on the bus.

12. Pay for bus & baggage

Before getting off, pay 3 JD for the bus and 1.5 JD for the baggage (2011).

The immigration office of Jordan
The immigration office of Jordan

13. Entry to Jordan

After getting off the bus, you’ll enter the immigration office. They’ll return your passport with a 1-month entry visa (photo below).

Entry paper for Jordan at King Hussein Bridge

In my case, there wasn’t any stamp on my passport.

14. Pick your baggage up

Pick up your baggage, then take a bus or a taxi to your destination.

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