There aren’t many guidebooks about Palestine.

Even though there’s some, information about Palestine is a small part of the guidebooks for Israel.

Our recommendation is Lonely Planet, for sure.

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Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Israel & the Palestinian Territories9(Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Israel & the Palestinian Territories 10 (Travel Guide)

There is any other choice but Lonely Planet.

Most of the information is about Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. However, it even contains a travel guide to the Gaza strip. Any other travel books can’t overcome it.

A guidebook sold in Palestine

Palestine and the Palestinians: A Guidebook

Palestine and the Palestinians: A Guidebook

A guidebook specialized for Palestine (104 NIS in 2011).

Full of explanation of Palestinian history, culture, and religions. This book is translated into French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Russian. Details are on the publisher’s website.

Comics about Palestine

Les amandes vertes

Les amandes vertes

A true story, written by Belgian sisters. One who came to Bethlehem as a volunteer tells her daily life by letter to her sister in Brussels.

If you know Palestine, you can easily recognize where the images are! Only in French.

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