How to get to Ramallah

From Jerusalem (bus)

  • 30 mins by bus from the bus station on Nablus Rd. (lead from Damascus Gate): 7.3 NIS (2012)
Jerusalem Arab Bus Station
Arab bus station for Ramallah is on Nablus Rd lead from Damascus Gate, on the left side.

From Bethlehem (shared taxi)

  • 30 mins by shared taxi from Central Bus Station: 20 NIS (2012)
Bethlehem Central Bus Station
5 mins walk from Manger sq.: go down Manger st. to the west. B4F is the platform.

From Nablus (shared taxi)

  • 1 hour by shared taxi from bus station: 15 NIS (2010)
Nablus bus station
Nablus bus station is located northeast of the National Hospital (a 5-minute walk).

Articles about Ramallah