Dome of the Rock

*You may visit the Temple Mount during specific opening hours in the morning or the afternoon. Non-muslims with no permission can’t enter the Dome or Al Aqsa mosque.

The Dome of the Rock is an Islamic shrine that worships the holy rock of Abraham.

It is said that it remains Muhammad’s footprint and the angel Gabriel’s handprint on the rock since the Prophet ascended to Heaven being accompanied by the angel.

The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
The dome is beautifully decorated with a golden color.

On the other hand, for the Jews, the “rock” is the place where Abraham sacrificed his son Isaac.

History of the Dome of the Rock

mid-5th century

Mohammed told Abu Bakr, his trusted advisor, that he had traveled to Jerusalem, then up to heaven and seen God last night.

Muslims believed the story and called it a miracle of Isra and Mi’raj.

638 年

After conquering Jerusalem, the second caliph Umar “found” the rock in the rocky wilderness.

691 ~ 692 年

Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, the 5th Umayyad caliph, started up a cultural industry aiming at an Arab-origin civilization like Persian or Egyptian.

Then, the Dome of the Rock was constructed to cover the rock.

Although Islam in that period rapidly extended its power from the Arabian Peninsula, its culture was still inferior to the Persians or the Egyptians who were ruled. Because of that, he wanted to show a higher status as a ruler.

Reference Sekaishi-gekijo Isram sekai no kigen


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Map of the Dome of the Rock. Jerusalem
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