What to bring

Here are some small tips about items for your travel to Palestine.

Outlet plug

European plug


Bring sunglasses as the sunshine is strong, especially during summer (it begins around May).

Because it’s dry and the buildings are painted white, it’s better to wear sunglasses even if you have darker eyes to protect them.

Moist wipes

In Palestine, life water is very limited by Israeli policy. Most of the residences often suffer from water shortages.

In the author’s case, when I stayed with a Palestinian family for two weeks, I couldn’t take shower once every two days. Of course, you can’t wash your hands or flush the toilet at that time.

In that case, if you have some moist wipes, it can make you refresh.

Normally, hotels secure a water supply (they’d buy water from Israel for customers). So, if you stay at a hotel, it would be okay.


Just relax yourselves at a hotel or your homestay place.


You can buy medicine at local pharmacies, however, it’d be better to bring your daily medicine.

At a local pharmacy, a package of cold medicine (24 tablets, 2 tablets every 4-6 hours) cost 36 NIS in 2012.

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