Rukab’s Ice Cream

Rukab’s Ice Cream is the most famous ice cream cafe in Palestine, founded in 1941.

Rukab's Ice Cream in 2011
Rukab’s Ice Cream in early 2011.

The cafe was renovated recently, it became very modern!

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Rukab's Ice Creamさんの投稿 2015年1月7日水曜日

Even the main street, where Rukab’s Ice Cream is located on, is called “Rukab street” by the locals. Yes, this cafe is a landmark of Ramallah.

Rukab’s Ice Cream cafe menu

Their ice cream is sticky, like Turkish ice cream.

There are plenty of flavors to choose. One of the most popular is milk flavor with pistachio on it.

Of course, there are not only ice creams but also drinks such as tea or coffee.

Sahlab, kind of stick hot milk, is also good, especially for winter. It’s a traditional winter drink in Palestine.

Sa7lab season has finally arrived!

Rukab's Ice Creamさんの投稿 2014年11月22日土曜日

It warms you up when it’s cold.

So, you can enjoy Rukab’s Ice Cream all year around!


Rukab’s Ice Cream

  • 22 Rukab st. Ramallah
  • +970 2 295 3467