Weather & clothing

Palestine is located on the Mediterranean littoral.

Though it’s hot during the summer, it’s dry, which causes a large temperature gap between day and night.

In winter, it sometimes rains. It’s cold but not very much, almost like in Tokyo (10 degrees maximum or so).

Bethlehem in early May
Bethlehem in early May. Many people wear short sleeves.

So, you can say it’s a bit warmer than in Los Angeles or Tokyo.

But around Jericho or the Dead Sea, it’s much warmer because of the lower sea level.

Annual mean temperature and rain in Jerusalem

December - February

A bit warmer than in Tokyo or Los Angeles. It sometimes rains but not strongly.

A thick jacket, and maybe with e a muffler or a knit cap would be enough.

March - May

It rains less. In April and May, it’s comfortable for traveling.

In May, wearing a short sleeve and preparing a hoodie for morning and night would be enough.

June - September

It rains rarely. You can enjoy fine weather most of the time.

However, the temperature can increase up to 35 degrees Celsius in the daytime. It’s recommended to bring sun protection or moisturizing cream, as well as a hat and sunglasses.

October, November

Though it’s still hot, it’s more comfortable than in summer. It’s like autumn in Japan.

In the morning and the evening, you might feel cold. Bring a jacket or a thick hoodie with a folding umbrella because it can rain.

Do the women have to wear hijabs?

Your friends might ask you — You’ll have to wear hijab in Palestine, won’t you?

Let me get straight to the point, there is no need at all!

Muslim women in Palestine
Muslim women in Palestine. Some of them don’t wear hijabs.

Though the majority is Muslim, there isn’t strict Islamic law like in Arabian Peninsula. Some Muslim women don’t wear hijabs as they are very open to Western culture.

Also, there are many Christians (Greek Orthodox) in Palestine because it’s the birthplace of Jesus. They wear the same as the people in Western society.

So, it can seem very strange that non-Muslims wear hijab.

But it’s better to wear a hijab or robe when you visit Muslim mosques to respect their custom.

For example, when you are asked to wear a hoodie robe at the entrance of the mosques, you should follow their instruction (and don’t forget to give them a tip about 5 - 10 NIS when you leave there).

Avoid too much skin exposure: if you are a woman

Even though we can say they are open to Western culture, it’s better to avoid skin exposure in front of men.

In Israel, it’s no problem with a camisole & hotpants. But in Palestine, that’s too much for the men who aren’t used to it. (If you wish to attract them, that won’t be any problem, though)

It’s hot in summer there. However, it’s recommended to wear t-shirt & crop pants rather than a camisole & hotpants.

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