Nablus Old City

Nablus Old City is called Al-Qasada.

The city remains some Ancient Roman architectures. These are not something gorgeous, but always there as a part of local life.

Nablus the entrance to the Old City
The entrance gate to the Old City. There is Turkish style bathroom inside this gate. No toilet paper.

Souq (market) is always crowded with people. It’s so fun to look around while smelling herbs and coffee coming from the shops.

A herb shop in Nablus Old City

It would be a good idea to get some za’atar (thyme) or herb tea for souvenirs. They are sold by measure.

A herb shop in Nablus Old City
You can buy herbs as much as you like.

Nablus Old City has narrow, maze-like streets, which is one of its characteristics.

In spring, lavender blooms all over the Old City.

Nablus Salah Adein St. in the Old City
Salah Adein St. in the Old City. Local people were so welcoming to say “Welcome!”.

Al-Kabir Mosque (Great Mosque)

Al-Kabir Mosque is the oldest mosque in Nablus. It was originally a church built in 224 by Roman emperor Philip the Arab.

It became a cathedral during the Byzantine era and converted into a mosque in Islamic era.

The Crusades reconverted the mosque into a church when they conquered Palestine, but the Ayyubids retook the land and the church was restored into a mosque again in 1187.

In 1641 during Ottoman era, its minaret was rebuilt.

It was hugely damaged by a severe earthquake in 1927 but restored again.

Hammam (Turkish bathhouse)

Hammam means Turkish bath in Arabic, it’s a type of public bathing popular in the Islamic world.

It is said that the origin is the Roman bathing customs. In Nablus, it has become popular and been developing since the 19th century as an important place for social occasions.

Nablus hammam
You can enjoy hookah at Hammam, too. glichfield

In Nablus, there are two historical hammams in business. Both are open from early in the morning until late at night.

When you go to a hammam, bring a swimsuit, underwear, towels, soap, shampoo, and flip-flops.

Hammam ash-Shifa

The oldest hammam in Palestine, built in 1624 and renovated in the 1970s.

  • En-Nassar St.
  • 8:00-24:00 (8:00-17:00 Tue & Sun for women, other times for men)
  • bath: 18 NIS, massage: 10 NIS
  • +970 9238 1176
  • facebook

Hammam al-Hana (Hammam es-Sumara)

Hammam al-Hana was the newer one built in the 19th century and restored & reopened in 1995 after a long closure since 1928.

  • Jadet al-Yasmina St.
  • 6:00-23:00 (8:00-17:00 Tue for women, other for men)
  • bath: 20 NIS, massage: 10 NIS
  • +970 9 238 5185
  • facebook

Clock tower

  • Al Manara Square

Nablusi clock tower is located in the heart of the Old City, at Al Manara Square just in front of Nasser Mosque.

Nablus clock tower in the Old City
Nablus Clock Tower

This tower is one of seven towers built in the beginning of 19th century to celebrate the 25th coronation anniversary of Abdul Hamid II, the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Other towers were built in Jaffa, Haifa, Nazareth or Jerusalem.

The tower consists of five stories, and the bell is on the highest floor. Local people used to live with this clock.