Olive oil soap

The olive oil soap of Nablus is well-known in the Arab world as one of the high-quality cosmetics.

Olive oil soaps, Nablus
Soaps are piled up to dry after being cut. Kara Newhouse

Nablus area is famous for olives, and it’s said the production of olive oil soaps started in the 10th century.

Because Elizabeth I of England loved this high-quality soap, it became more famous throughout medieval Europe.

How Nablus olive oil soap is produced

Because it’s all hand-made, it takes one month to complete.

Recently, each factory competes the quality, such as using extra-virgin olive oil or so. It makes fun to choose the soaps.

Recently, each factory competes for quality, such as using extra-virgin olive oil and so on. It makes it more enjoyable to choose the soaps.

Olive oil soap factory in Nablus
You can visit some factories. Omar Robert Hamilton

Those factories have run since over hundreds of years. It’s possible to visit them in Nablus and its suburbs.

Because the soap costs around 5 NIS, it’s good as a souvenir for friends.

You can buy the Nablus olive oil soaps at The Bedouin Store in Bethlehem at almost the same price.

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